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Customer References

For the last 20 years, over 1,000 companies around the world have relied upon RDP software to manage their hotels, condominiums, and timeshare resorts.  Here is what a few of them have to say about us.  Review our customer list.

Catalina Island, California

Hotel Villa Portofino - 

We were very resistant to buying the Internet Reservation Module (IRM) as we did not want to lose control over our reservations. After attending the customer conference a few years ago and seeing the restrictions that could be applied, I was sold. 

I thought that the IRM would be good for booking our standard rooms and in fact did not even put the suites on at first. I did not think guests would book packages on line. I was wrong. They totally book the suites and the packages. Yesterday, being located on the Island of Romance, was a very busy day for us - sold out, phones very busy, etc. IRM (as we call him) booked 11 reservations. Employee of the week, again and we don't have to pay him! ! SO, we are very happy with the IRM, AND love the reports in RDPWIN and the emailing capabilities.

Kate Olsen, General Manager

Merrimac, Wisconsin

Hi Barry:

"I dropped in to say 'Hi,' but you were out of the office.  I just wanted to let you know that Devils Head did over $100,000 in the first month of using the Internet Reservation Module, and $500,000 in our first ski season.  Just thought you'd like to know."

Rob Scheibel
Devils Head Resort

Branson, Missouri

Just a note to say thanks for all that you guys are doing to assist us. It seems that we are just now utilizing many features that we never knew existed in RDP. I would estimate that for the past 8 years, we've been sitting on this Ferrari of a system driving it like a Golf Cart never figuring out how to shift into a higher gear. 

Internet reservations have more than doubled in the first part of this year now that we actually use it to a better potential. So, if you have some customers complaining about RDP, let me know, I'll call them and set them straight!

Tom Shockley

Vail, Colorado

"The support people are amazing.  Also, the online support is great. RDP's website includes sections for downloading updates and documentation. Using the knowledge base, I get answers immediately "at any time, day or night."

Lee Williams 

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Carriage House Deluxe Hotel Suites - Las Vegas, NV

"RDP has been easy for our staff to learn, regardless of computer experience. We have made customizations to both screens and reports here at the property. It's a very adaptable system!"

Lenora Wilson

Borrego Springs, California

Palm Canyon Resort

"It's the most adaptable software I've ever seen. Any property of any size can use it. We are extremely happy!"

Doug Watters

Lakeview, Arkansas

"I've been using the system for years now; and as my needs change, RDP evolves to meet them."

-Jim Gaston

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Mountain Park Lodges - Jasper, AB - Canada

"We have 3 properties now using RDP and the support has been fantastic...they always answer the phone on 3 rings.

Mike Wetmore

Dear Barry: 4/1/2006

This week we are putting the final elements in place for our new reservation system, purchased from RDP. This decision to purchase from your company, for us, was the culmination of an exhaustive research on the reservation and property management programs that were "out there" and a line by line comparison of the options offered by each company. 

Once we had narrowed this down, we contacted properties who had used the different programs to see what their experience had been with their system. Finally, I contacted RDP and Mike Todd flew to Arkansas to make a powerful and exciting presentation to representatives from our reservations, housekeeping, maintenance and accounting staff at Mountain Harbor. It was a hard decision to make. Frankly, all of the other systems we looked at were a lot less money than RDP, not a small consideration for a family owned resort deep in the forests of Arkansas. In the final analysis, however, RDP just stood out, heads and shoulders above all of the other companies. 

There were so many things that made your company feel like the right decision to us. Your comprehensive website. Mike Todd's personal presentation and the time he took to work out each individual's questions. The glowing recommendations from Gaston's Resort on the White River - "A real person always answers the phone". "They always take care of our problems immediately". "We really haven't had any real problems since putting the system in". The personal phone call from Steve Dortch immediately after Mike's visit to thank us for considering the purchase of the system. And, once we made our decision, your staff immediately sprang into action providing us with all of the tools, information and assistance that we needed in purchasing and networking over $20,000 in new hardware - and even helped us find a new credit card vendor who saved us $7000 in credit card fees. And...all of this was accomplished in only three weeks. 

Still, it was with a great deal of concern that we awaited the arrival of Matt LaDuke, the voice on the phone that had been spearheading our pre-install. We had just finished an exhausting and not-so-smooth install on our new marina system. The hardware didn't all work, the trainer was disorganized and the whole experience had left us somewhat apprehensive. The week prior to Matt's arrival, our staff worked day and night entering in the reservations and familiarizing ourselves with the new system and testing the network. Then, into our office walked this fresh faced...kid. Twenty six years old. That's one year younger than my youngest kid. Of course, I was 27 and Bill was 32 and president of the company when he gave me the position of Lodge Manager, so we were predisposed to keep an open mind. 

After getting Matt settled into his cottage, we agreed to meet for dinner at our restaurant. I had a stack of questions, Matt's training schedule and almost of month of pent-up excitement to bring to dinner. Matt's confidence, ease and proficiency in answering my questions and most of all his plan for putting our system together gave me immediate confidence in him. At 8 am Monday morning, Matt arrived in our office and for the next eight days (and nights) he worked relentlessly and unfailingly with us. He never derailed from his schedule even though he was always willing to work around our schedules and the demands on our time from the events of each day. By the end of each day, he had always managed to accomplish everything on his list. In each training session with our staff he used a careful checklist to insure that no matter how many questions he paused to answer that the session was always brought back on track to finish on time and with everyone in the session taking back with them everything that he had intended from the training. Matt, sitting at his laptop with a dog in his lap, became a welcome and reassuring presence in our office. 

However, Matt's work wasn't just confined to the printed schedule. Every night we worked until we were too tired to work anymore, and then he left to return in the morning with the work that he had done on his laptop back at the cottage. On Saturday, lightening struck our resort, knocking out our phone system. Sunday morning I came in at 5 to run the reports by myself and familiarize myself with the system without interruptions. I ran into problems almost immediately and thought that I had encountered something very serious. (Okay, I was pretty sure I had managed to blow up our system). I sent our security officer to Matt's cottage to knock on the door and ask Matt to call me on his cell phone. Ten minutes later, Matt arrived, fresh from bed and looking a little disheveled, but there, in person, after a long night. "Matt, I only wanted you call me!" I exclaimed. "No, if you have a problem, I want to help you in person", was his reply. Ahhhh. That Barry, is service. Naturally, everything was fine with the system. Operator error (and panic).

Every day I reported to the owner on our progress and answered that all-important question - "Does the new system do/have everything they told us it would?". An important question, Barry. Matt shared his personal experience with your corporate culture and I felt an immediate affinity. I've been with Bill for 24 years. He saw something in me when I was 27. It certainly wasn't background, experience or knowledge. Rather it was trust and a belief that I would do or learn or acquire everything I needed to do the job. Standing by what you say. Trust. It's what relationships are built on. Mike Todd delivered the product he said he would. Matt LaDuke delivered the installation and the training he said he would. Yes, Bill, our new system is everything that they told us it would be. And for that, Barry, I want to thank you and your incredible staff. Thank you all for doing what you said you would do. With much appreciation, Pati and the Staff (and all of the dogs) at Harbor.

P.S. If you would like to make reservations at Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa you will soon be able to reserve your unit on line!


Pati Brown - General Manager

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