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RDP News and Press Releases

RDP News & Press Releases


Date RDP News Item
4/2016 Free LeisureLink interfaces to OTA's and GDS (On-Line Travel Agents)
10/2015 Wireless Door Lock Interface to LockState
7/2015 TravelNuts Booking Engine - Sell and schedule ancillary product on your website
6/2015 Flip.To social media marketing Interface
5/2015 Booking.Com Interface available
4/2015 Docusign Signature Capture with RDP's External Document Module
7/2014 Meta-Direct Reservation Interface for Google Hotel Finder, Trip Advisor and more
7/17/14 Interface to HomeAway & VRBO to increase distribution by unit number
6/2014 Shift4 Press Release - Partnership with RDP for Credit Card Gateway
3/1/14 Critical Customer Action Item - Upgrade to new PCI Compliant Credit Card Interface
6/14/13 Internet Reservations using a SmartPhone or Tablet Available - IRM Mobile
01/23/13 RDP Introduces a New Service to Undo Owner Revenue Processing
10/15/12 RDP Introduces RCI Exchange Module in Partnership with RCI 
09/24/12 RDP and Carefree RV Resorts  Article for Woodall's Campground Management
09/11/12 RDP Partnership with Glad To Have You - Mobile App Interface for Vacation Rental
09/10/12 HTML Email Communications Module Available
07/31/12 Multiple IRM.Net Reservations Module Released
07/12/12 RDP Opens Regional Sales Office in Wisconsin
06/13/12 Navis Interface to Resort Data Processing Enables Online/Offline Marketing Tracking
03/22/12 Carefree RV Resorts to Implement Resort Data Processing Property Management Software
03/12/12 RDP Adapts Property Management Software to a Variety of New Markets  
03/01/12 Interactive Map for Campgrounds is Released with Integration to IRM.Net Booking Engine
02/16/12 Enhanced Work Orders and Inventory Tracking Module Available
02/14/12 Windsurfer by Whiteboard Labs Two Way GDS Interface is Released
02/08/12 Resort Data Processing Customers Top Conde Nast's List of Top Hotels
01/06/12 Solsten Hotel Now Automated Using Resort Data Processing
12/23/11 Nor1 eStandyby Upgrade Interface with the IRM.Net is Released
12/13/11 Housekeeping Billing Module Released
12/08/11 RDP Software Purchased by 15 Independent Resorts
11/21/11 Leisure Hotels & Resorts Selects RDP's Property Management Software
11/01/11 VRP Credit Card Processing Module Available
10/21/11 Lockbox Interface is Released
08/15/11 Mobile Devices Module is Released
04/22/11 RDP Featured on the Cover of Vacation Ownership World Magazine's April Edition
03/03/11 RDP Has Partnered with Leisure Link to Develop a 2-Way GDS Interface
02/15/11 2011 RDP Customer Conference Dates Announced: September 26-29, 2011
02/15/11 2011 Crystal Reports Training Dates Released (February, April, September)
02/12/11 Sign Up for One of RDP's New E-mail Lists
02/11/11 Translate IRM.Net into Other Languages
02/01/11 RDP Launches the Tip of the Day Email Program
02/01/11 February Module of the Month: Change Tracking
01/28/11 Adjust Owner Revenue Using Original Transactions
01/17/11 RDP Newsletter Released
12/16/10 Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
12/10/10 New Products Available for Travel Services from AIG Travel Guard
11/04/10 Reset Availability Fully Integrated in RDPWin - DOS Program No Longer Required
11/02/10 iHotelier Two Way GDS Interface
10/28/10 RDP Now Supports Pervasive Version 11
03/26/10 Fairmont Heritage Place selects RDP for Private Residence Clubs
03/24/10 RDPAPI is Available (Web services) to Provide Complete Control of Marketing Website Reservation Integration
03/01/10 Guest Survey and Communications Module Released
02/10/10 Unlimited Scalability Property Management Software For Central Reservations
02/01/10 RDPWin Version 3 Released with Full PCI Compliance and Certification

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