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RDP Referral Program

Many RDP new sales are a direct result of referrals.  We greatly appreciate this business and have developed a referral program.  RDP pays a 10% "finders fee" for any referral that turns into a sale directly to the person who makes the referral.  If you know of a hotel, resort, vacation rental manager, condo-hotel timeshare resort, fractional resort, or campground looking for software, please let us know by calling our President, Barry Biegler at 970-845-1157. 
Please note the difference between a "referral" and a "reference." To be a 10% referral, the prospect must be a new property that RDP is not already working with. A reference occurs when a prospect that RDP is already working on talks with one or more existing customers about the system.  This prospect may call five or more RDP customers to gather information.  In these cases, your help is critical and greatly appreciated, but it is impossible to pay a 10% commission to each reference.


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