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About RDP

More About RDP

RDP's corporate headquarters are in Avon, Colorado, approximately 10 miles west of Vail and 100 miles west of Denver.  The state-of-the-art facility, opened in 1996, includes a training room, atrium, pool and gymnasium.  Please visit RDP University for more information about training classes held at RDP headquarters.
RDP Headquarters - Vail, Colorado

Resort Data Processing Staff

RDP Group Photo

Front Row - Barry Biegler, Logan Johnson, Nate Strauss, Zach Gates, Sandra Asregadoo, Sally Horton, and Steve Green.
2nd Row
- Brad Roberts, Rita Gale, Terri Csete, Andrew Forsyth, Maggie Connor, Denise McLean, Karen Suhadolink, Sondra Loudenburg, and Bill Csete
3rd Row - Kerry Conner, John Krotulski, Alex Biegler, Patrick McDonough, Kyle VonSpreecken, Sean O'Brien, Steve White, Matt LaDuke, Chad Sloniker, Mike Todd, Eric Lundin, and Ron Stahl

RDP Customer Training Room

RDP Headquarters in Summer

Partner - Barry Biegler

Partner - Bill Csete

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