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Corporate Housing Software

RDP Corporate Housing Software has been in use for over 20 years for a wide variety of applications.  Customers range in size from 50 to over 4000 sites. Specific features available for Corporate Housing plans include posting of rent on a monthly or 28 day cycle, short-term and long term reservations, rooming lists, room maps, work order management, billing companies, multiple folios, Internet Access to allow companies to enter reservations and rooming lists, and much more.x 

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The system includes extensive reservation capability and Internet Reservations.  Click for Details The system can track multiple beds per room.   Click for Details Corporate accounts can be created and billed.  Guests can have an individual folio for incidentals.  Click for Details RDP's Work Order and Asset Management system is fully integrated into the front desk system.  Click for Details

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Mobile Device Modules including Reservations optimized for a SmartPhone or Tablet

RDP is pleased to announce our Mobile Devices capability, designed to improve communication with guests and employees via a wide variety of handheld devices, including mobile phones, smart phones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, etc.) and tablets (iPad, HP Slate, etc). 


For more information on see "Mobile Device Overview" and "Reservations using SmartPhone or Tablet with Mobile IRM"

House status



Reservations can be made for a single room or multiple rooms to accommodate the requirements of an individual guest, family, group, or large conference.  The system displays availability up to four years in the future, checks the past guest file, and calculates rates and packages, all within seconds.  Extensive yield management capabilities are available to help maximize average daily rate and occupancy.  


The software allows a mix of short term and long term reservations. Short term reservations can automatically calculate rates for each day for different rooms with full yield management capabilities.  Long term reservations can automatically post rent daily or once a month.  Leases can be printed using Crystal Reports. 


For more information see "Reservations Overview" 

Corporate Accounts with Internet Access

The system allows for corporate accounts.  Capabilities include:


  • Invoicing the corporate account per room or on a monthly flat rate basis
  • The guest can have an individual folio for incidentals w
  • Companies can enter their reservations using the Internet
  • Reports on revenue per company on a daily, month-to-date and year-to-date basis
  • Email newsletters, invoices, and other items to companies


For more information please see:

Group and Company

Internet Reservation Module

Work Order & Asset Management

RDP offers an extensive Work Order and Asset Management system that is extremely useful for Corporate Housings.  All guest requests for each room can be tracked.  Additionally, all assets such as trucks, computers, appliances, etc. can be tracked by VIN, serial or part number.  The Work Order Monitor screen displays the current status of all work orders and auto-refreshes as work orders are added, changed, or closed.  Maintenance personnel can be automatically notified of new work orders via text message or e-mail to a mobile device.



See "Work Order and Asset Management"


Excellent Performance from 1 to 5000 rooms

RDP has installed over 1000 systems since 1982.  We use Microsoft Windows server software, which provides excellent system performance.  For example, a screen showing 1000 different guests that are currently in-house can be created in seconds.  You can purchase your own hardware or use RDP's hosted solution. 


See RDP Hardware Requirements

Email Guest Confirmations

The system is designed to automatically email confirmations to guests.  A variety of different wordings and styles can be used.  Email can also be used to send guest folios, surveys, and other documents.   


New Employees can learn system quickly

Many of our customers have a significant turnover in staff.  The RDP Corporate Housing software is designed so that new employees can learn the basics very quickly.    Our 24 hours / 365 day support depart is there to help.


Internet Reservations with Site Map

RDP's Internet Reservation Module (IRM) allows millions of potential guests and companies to check availability and make commission-free Corporate Housing reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   The IRM is designed to work in conjunction with your existing marketing website.  Reservations are stored immediately in the same database as phone-in reservations, with one database for true last room availability.

An Interactive Corporate Housing Map can be displayed on the Internet showing the location of all campsites.  Internet guests can click on any room to check availability and show rates.  

The Interactive Map feature displays a map of your property with each room as a "hot spot." The example below shows a campground, however the interactive map could also be used to show any size Corporate Housing.   The guest or his company can view if the room is available based on their arrival and departure dates. The room can change colors based on the availability. Once a suitable room is found, the guest can continue with online booking using the Internet Reservations Module (IRM.Net).

Features of the Interactive Map include:

  • Descriptions of each rooms such as how close to the kitchen, internet availability, etc.
  • Include pictures or virtual tours
  • Hover over each room to view the rates for the arrival date selected
  • Zone features and easy navigation across the entire map
  • Full control of placement of room "hot spots"
  • Link directly to IRM.Net and marketing website
  • Change color of "hot spot" if room not available
  • Room directory with ability to search by room number



See RDP's Interactive Map for a demonstration of the map's capabilities.

Full PCI Compatible Credit Cards

The system includes the ability to scan and process credit cards for payments from guests.   RDP has certified the system with Visa's latest PCI requirements for the strongest possible security.


See "RDP Credit Card Interface"

24 Hour/365 Day Support and On-Site Training

RDP provides 24 hour/365 day support.  Our support department can use Web-Ex to connect to your system to quickly diagnose problems and provide solutions.  We also offer on-site and remote training.

Over 400 Modifiable Crystal Reports

RDP uses Crystal Reports as the basis for over 600 reports.  Customers can modify any of these reports or create new reports.  Crystal Reports is one of the most widely used report writing tools and allows the use of graphics, colors, charts and fonts to make great looking internal reports and guest correspondence.   During a new installation RDP will modify some reports and confirmations as time permits.  After installation, is it the responsibility of the customer to use Crystal Reports to modify or make new reports and confirmations. 

Integrated General Ledger

The system includes a complete double entry General Ledger System.   Totals are kept for all accounts on a Daily, Month-to-Date, and Year-to-Date basis.  


See "RDP General Ledger Details"

Cash Balancing and Auditing

The system includes daily cash balancing and audit controls.   Various reports that integrate the front desk and housekeeping are provided to make sure that all guests have paid and the funds are recorded properly.


See RDP Sample Reports


Load Reservations from Excel and other formats

Reservations can automatically be loaded into the Resort Data Processing Corporate Housing System from Excel or various other formats.  This allows a company to send you an entire rooming list and load it instantly into the system.  With no data entry there is no chance of error.



Wireless Internet Access & Billing

High-speed Internet access has gone from a "nice benefit" to a "requirement" for many campers with luxury RVs.  The question is not “if” a Corporate Housing should deploy high-speed Internet access, but "how to" do it in a cost effective and profitable manner.  RDP has partnered with RoomLinx to provide a turnkey solution for wireless access and billing.  Charges for Internet access can be charged by credit card or posted to the guest folio automatically. 


See RDP - Wireless Internet Access Interface.

Mobile Devices for Corporate Housing Management

RDP offers mobile device capability designed to improve communication with guests and employees. Some of these features include guest text messaging, mobile check-in, work order tracking, and management reporting. These features work with any mobile-ready device such as iPhone, Droid, iPad, or any other smart phone or tablet. 

For more information about mobile communication, see RDP Mobile Device Module.

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