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RDP and Crystal Reports - Hotel Reporting Software

To create or modify reports, customers must purchase a copy of Crystal Reports Version 2011 or 2008  available from and other websites. See Requirements for details. Crystal Report Modification training is available throughout the year at RDP headquarters.

What is a Custom Report?

The RDP software includes more than 300 standard reports available to all customers.  Custom reports can be as simple as adding a column to a standard existing report or as complex as creating a report from scratch using customer-specific data.

Who Needs Custom Reports?

Nearly 99% of our customers have all the reports and data collection necessary in the existing RDP system.  However,  customers can increase income potential right from within their existing data simply by purchasing custom reports. An example may be a custom marketing report to review and direct future marketing programs or identify business areas that are not performing well. 

What Do Custom Reports Cost?

Price varies based on the complexity of the report and the time required for the custom programming.  The minimum cost for a custom report is $250.  Time and effort required is estimated and a quote provided prior to customization.

How Long Does Custom Report Design Take?

Delivery time varies based on many factors, and we will provide you with our best estimate.

Over 500 Reports are Included with RDP

More than 500 reports are included with the RDP Software package. Each report can be easily modified or changed using Crystal Reports 2008.

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