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Top 10 Travel Agents

The system includes complete travel agent and wholesaler payables that are interfaced to reservations. Statistical reports show total revenue generated by each agent, on a month-to-date and year-to-date basis. Travel agents can pre-deduct their commission or the RDP system can generate a commission check. If you allow them access, travel agents, groups, companies, and wholesalers can use the optional Internet Reservation Module to input reservations directly into the system from any Internet Connected computer in the world.

Room blocks can be allocated to specific wholesalers, varying every day of the year. For example, a wholesaler may have 50 rooms one day, 75 the next, then 60 the following day. Each  wholesalers can have their own rate plan, room block, and unique Internet Password.

The report below is one of many that show travel agent statistics.  See "Travel Agent Overview" for more details.

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Over 500 Reports are Included with RDP

More than 500 reports are included with the RDP Software package. Each report can be easily modified or changed using Crystal Reports 2008.

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