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Property Management Reservations Software Overview

RDP offers vacation rentals and condo hotels (companies with multiple properties) a central reservation software capability.  A separate RDP database is created for each location which allows unlimited scalability.  Reservations can be made at either the central reservation office, at the property, or both.   The reservationist can choose to search availability at one property, more than one, or all using different search criteria such as bed configuration or view.  A master database of all guests from all properties is available via RDP's Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which includes point tracking and a rewards program.     

Topics Covered in this Document

Rate & Availability Search - One or more Properties

RDP's Central Reservation system allows rate and availability searches across one or more condo hotels or vacation rental resorts. Oceana Resorts uses RDP's central reservations for their 10 condo hotels. They are able to search for availability in one hotel, more than one, or all hotels. In the sample below, they have selected to search for rooms at Harbourgate, Patricia Grand, Bay Watch and Anderson Ocean Club. Central reservations also allows rate calculations across all properties for a seamless transition from the central reservations screen to completing the reservation.

Apply Guest Preferences to Search All Room Types

RDP's central reservation system has the ability to search for specific guest preferences across all unit types at all properties. For example, a reservationist can search all resorts for 2 bedroom unit types with a Jacuzzi and ocean view. These preferences are fully configurable and designed to work with unit types, not specific unit numbers. The unit number can be assigned from the "Make Reservation" screen once the unit type has been selected. All unit types can be included or certain types excluded from the central availability.  The system can also search all room types available at any vacation rental or condo hotel location, without specifying any preferences.

central res 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -  Rewards Programs

RDP's central reservation system is normally used in conjunction with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, which is designed to track all relationships with guests to improve guest service and marketing. 

  • All guest visits are tracked from one or more RDP systems.
  • Points can be awarded for each reservation.
  • The number of points can be different for different seasons, room types, total dollars spent, and other variables.
  • Guests can pay for reservations by redeeming points.
  • Restrictions can be applied to control when "point reservations" are allowed.
  • A complete history is kept of all point reservations from all resorts.

The diagram below shows how the CRM works with Central Reservations.  See Overview of Customer Relationship Management and Frequent Guest Rewards for more detail.

Property Databases located at Central Location

Location of RDP Databases - Onsite or Central Location?

Each property using the RDP system has their own database, which can be located on a server at the property or at a central location.  There is also one, and only one, "master customer relationship" database", which can be located on one of the data servers at the property, or at central reservations. The price of each RDP database is the same, no matter where the data server is located.  The pros and cons of the location of the RDP database are as follows:

Property Databases
at a
Central Location

The diagram above shows the RDP central reservation system with six RDP databases, all installed on a data server at the central location.  Pros and Cons of this design are:

  • Only one data server and IRM server are required to handle multiple properties.  For sites with many properties additional data servers can be added for load balancing.
  • Central reservations always has fast access to the data - it is on their local server
  • The properties would connect into the central location using Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix.  Access is not available if the Internet connection goes down.

Property Databases at Each Property

The diagram below shows the RDP central reservation system with six RDP databases  installed on six different servers at each property location.  Pros and Cons of this design are:

  • Properties always have fast access to the data - it is on their local server
  • A data server and IRM server are required at each property
  • The Central reservation computers access the remote databases via RDP's Internet Reservation Module Server installed at each property.  Citrix or Terminal Services is not required.  NOTE:  This technology is currently under development - contact RDP sales for an estimated release date.

Diagram - Property Databases at Each Property

One Internet Reservation Module Can Access All Database

When the data is all stored at the central reservation location, one IRM bridge server can be used to access multiple RDP systems. Guests, travel agents, groups, wholesalers, and condominium owners can all simultaneously access the same or different RDP systems using the Internet. However, at this time the functionality is not yet available. Please contact RDP Sales for more information.

See Internet Reservation Module for more information.

Mix and Match RDP System Types

RDP's central reservation design allows you to mix and match RDP system types.  For example, a central reservation office could manage 10 resorts.  Five could be hotels, three timeshare resorts, and the remaining two wholly-owned condominium resorts.  In addition, one resort could have a mixture of hotel rooms, timeshare rooms, and whole ownership.

True "Last Room Availability"

Reservations can be made simultaneously from each property and central reservations, with instantaneous update of the data.  For example, if there is only one room left for a given day, that room can be booked from a workstation at central reservations, a workstation at the property, or by a guest, travel agent, or wholesaler using the IRM.  All reservations are stored immediately in the RDP database.

Reservation Distribution Channels - GDS / OTA  Interfaces

The RDP reservation system is designed to provide true last room availability from a variety of channels simultaneously as illustrated by the diagram below. 


For more information click on any box below or View All Reservation Channels


Your marketing website can be directly linked to the RDP Database by RDP's booking engine (IRM), and our Smartphone formatted Mobile IRM, as well as our Application Programmer Interface

Links for Detailed information on Reservation Channels


Full Property Management Features at Each Property

Each property RDP database has all the property management features in our RDPWin system.  For an overview of features, please see:

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