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Front Desk & Audit System - Hotel Reservation Software

The front desk and audit features are part of the core system. The design is focused on accurate guest check-in and check-out as fast as possible with the minimum number of keystrokes and clicks.

Front Desk & Audit Topics

Audit Procedure Customizable

The audit procedure is highly customizable depending on the needs of individual customers.  Each customer can elect to have a sophisticated audit, a simple audit, or none at all.  For example, some RDP customers rent homes or condominiums (see Owner Accounting Module) and can close the day in less than 5 minutes.  At the other end of the continuum are resort hotels with over 800 rooms and three auditors performing a wide variety of tasks.  RDP offers 24 hour support, 365 days a year to help those customers with sophisticated audits.

Front Desk Fully Integrated with Reservations
and Internet Reservation Module

The front desk system if fully integrated with the Reservations Module.  A unique reservation number is assigned to every reservation.  This number is used as the confirmation number, folio number, and reservation number for easy tracking.  Cancelled reservations can be reinstated at check-in if needed.  Reservations made directly by guests with the Internet Reservation Module are also fully integrated with Front Desk.

Fast Guest Registration & Check-In

Guest registration is fast and simple with the RDP Front Desk module. Features include:

If your property handles extensive walk-in business, it is critical to quickly satisfy the guest's requirements. All available rooms of a given room type can be quickly displayed, with the "clean and ready" rooms highlighted.

Integrated Credit Card Scanner

RDP offers an optional interface to a credit card scanner. With the scanner, it is possible to read-in the guest name and credit card number by swiping the credit card. The system automatically pre-authorizes credit on the guest's card or accepts a credit card payment at check-in. The credit card scanner increases front desk efficiency at both check-in and checkout.  For more information on the Credit Card Module, click here.

Automatically Generate Room Keys

RDP offers an optional interface to room key systems to automatically generate one or more room keys on check-in and room move.  Features include:

  • Automatically generates room key cards at check-in
  • Multiple cards can be created
  • Cards generated on room move
  • One Key Card encoder can be shared between multiple front desk workstations <OR>
  • One encoder per front desk workstation
  • Improves guest satisfaction with faster check-in

Click here for more details on the Room Key Interface

Deposits Automatically Transferred

When the guest checks-in the total advance deposit is automatically transferred from the advance deposit ledger to the in-house guest ledger. This automatic transfer simplifies night audit balancing. After transferring the balance, the advance deposit displays on the guest folio as a credit. 

Yield Management with Walk-Ins

RDP's powerful yield management system is active for walk-in guests. Yield management significantly increases average daily rates and overall property occupancy. Read more about RDP's Yield Management module.

Powerful Sharewith Features

The system has extensive support for share-with (two or more guests in the same room) guests, including:

  • Up to 99 sharewiths per room
  • Each sharewith can have their own folio with split room charges
  • Each share-with can have different arrival/departure dates as long as they overlap
  • Different rates & packages for each share-with
  • Each sharewith has a separate guest history record for mass mailings and Email marketing
  • All sharewiths appear on telephone operator list
  • Sharewiths can be checked-in at the same time or different times
  • Sharewiths can be established when reservation is made, at check-in, or after arrival.

Posting Charges to Guest Folios

Charges can be posted to guest folios or directly to house accounts at any time during the day. Each charge is assigned to a revenue center, such as room revenue, room service, phone charges, bar, etc. Over 1000 different revenue centers are allowed. Charges are handled as follows:

  • All charges are instantly update guest folio
  • Charges can be posted to up to 99 share-withs per room
  • All charges are itemized on the guest folio.  
  • All guest charges are also automatically added to revenue center totals. 
  • The Daily Manager's Report shows daily, month-to-date, and year-to-date revenue totals.
  • All guest charges automatically appear on the balanced general ledger entry for the day.

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Guest Folios Stored Forever

Every transaction on every guest folio is stored forever, limited only by available disk space. In the event of an audit, every guest folio can be reprinted, even if the guest checked-out years ago.

Over the years, disk space has become very inexpensive. For about $1000, a disk drive can be purchased that stores every guest transaction at a 200 room property for 20 years.

Automatic Posting of Room & Tax

The system can automatically post room and tax to 800 guests in less than a minute. These charges can be coded to bill the guest, group leader, company, wholesaler, or pre-deduct travel agent. Packages are also posted automatically on a daily basis.

While most hotel customers post room and tax (or a daily package) every night, the system also supports "lump sum posting". Often, this feature is used by condominium and interval ownership customers that declare reservation revenue at check-in.

Guests Over Credit Limit Report

Each guest (and share-with) can be assigned a credit limit. When posting charges, the system notifies the operator if any charge places the guest over his assigned limit. Additionally, a "Guest Over Credit Limit" report is available.

Quick Checkout

Guests are checked-out quickly and efficiently. Folios can be printed before, during, or after checkout. The optional credit card scanner is used to scan a guest credit card, call the credit card company for authorization, and automatically deposit funds in your bank account.  Click here for details on the credit card module.

Cashier Balancing Reports

Every transaction is automatically stamped with the employee's initials, ensuring accurate cash drawer balancing and providing a fraud and theft deterrent. Cashier reports are printed quickly to help balance cash drawers and close three shifts per day. Shift payments by Method

Travel Agents Automatically Paid

The front desk/night audit system automatically interfaces to the travel agent payable system. All commissionable folio transactions are automatically paid to the correct travel agent.  Read more about our Travel Agent & Wholesaler module.

City Ledger Interface

The front desk system is interfaced to the city ledger. Features include:

  • Transfer to the city ledger at checkout is automatic, with complete aging reports at 30, 60, 90, and over 90 days.
  • Each transaction code can have a different GL account assigned
  • The system can automatically transfer RDP GL to various back office systems
  • On-Line inquiry of every general ledger transaction available historically
  • Advance deposit ledger
  • Guest Ledger
  • City Ledger
  • Travel Agent Ledger
  • Wholesaler Ledger
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Condominium and Timeshare Owner Accounting

RDP has offered modules for Condominium Owner Accounting and Timeshare owner accounting for over 20 years.  The front desk and night audit systems are fully interfaced to these modules.  Features include:

  • The system automatically pays owners their share of rental revenue.
  • Each charge posted to a folio can be split with the owner, or not
  • If a guest changes rooms during his stay the system pays each owner the correct portion. 
  • Timeshare system supports fixed week, floating, quartershare, points, and others

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Multiple Interfaces Available

RDP interfaces with a wide variety of third party devices, such as call accounting, point-of-sale, etc.
Please click here for a complete list of RDP interfaces.

 Software Overview

Resort Data Processing (RDP) software has been installed since 1981 at over 1000 locations worldwide (see customer list).  Please use the links below to learn more about RDP software for Hotels and Resorts. If you are renting homes or condominiums on a short term basis, please start with Vacation Rental Overview.  Timeshare properties should begin with our Timeshare Overview.  Our Campground system is also available.  Our systems are fully integrated, so all features in our hotel system are available for vacation rentals and timeshare resorts and vice versa.

Contact RDP Sales for pricing information or to schedule an onsite demonstration.

Core RDP Modules Interfaces

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