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RDP Hardware Requirements

This document is designed to provide a high level overview of the hardware required to run Resort Data Processing software.  After reviewing this document, please call RDP at 877-779-3717 and schedule a free hardware review.   We will work with you to determine if any new equipment is required for your site.  Many of our customers find their existing hardware is fine.  If additional hardware is required we will work with the hardware vendor of your choice to make sure you purchase the correct equipment, but not overspend on items that are not required. Please also see:  Overview of RDP Technology.

RDP software is designed to run in a Microsoft Windows client-server environment, which involves:

The Data Server and IRM.Net Server can be located at the property or at a remote location, but they both must be at the same location. It is possible to use virtual servers or separate physical servers for the data server and the IRM server. Separate physical servers provide an increased level of security and performance, but are not required.  Workstations can be located at the property or at a remote location. Thin clients using Citrix or Windows Terminal Server are supported.

Testing Hardware Performance

As part of our free hardware review, we will install a test program at your site to measure the performance of your data server, IRM server, network, and each workstation.  This is by far the best way to determine if any new equipment is needed, or upgrades to workstations.  Customers usually have a mix of workstations, some older, and some newer.  Many customers move their faster workstations to the high volume areas, such as reservation and front desk, and move slower workstations to low use areas. RDP does not sell hardware, but if any upgrades are required we will work with the vendor of your choice to make sure you purchase the correct equipment, but do not overspend on unneeded items.

Data Server Configuration

RDP software is designed for Microsoft Windows Server.   RDP supports Server 2012 Standard R2. The data server is the most important element of the system, since all data is stored on this server.   When a reservation or other data is added or changed from any workstation, IRM.Net or the GDS Interface, it is immediately stored on the data server.  For example, reservations made by a guest using RDP's Internet Reservation Module (IRM) are stored on the data server immediately providing true last room availability. 

The RDP Data Server configuration depend on many factors that can include:

  • Current network configuration
  • Number of workstation needed
  • Existing hardware
  • Number of rooms at the property


One of the main goals of the initial hardware review will be to determine if your existing server can be used for the RDP software, and if not to suggest a cost effective upgrade. 

RAID Technology or Mirrored Drives

RDP strongly recommends the data server disk drive system installed is either mirrored or using RAID 5 technology.   Both technologies provide data redundancy, as each byte of data is written to the disk drive system twice.   If the first location fails the data can be retrieved from the second location.  All levels of RAID technology are supported.

Peer-to-Peer Networking for Small Systems

For small networks, it is possible to use peer-to-peer networking instead of a Windows Server.  In the peer-to-peer application, one workstation acts as a data server, and the other workstations access the data on that workstation.  

Virtual Servers Supported

It is possible to use virtual servers or separate physical servers for the data server and the IRM server. Separate physical servers provide an increased level of security and performance, but are not required. 

Internet Reservation Module Server (IRM Server)

RDP's optional Internet Reservation Module (IRM) can be used by guests, condominium owners, groups, travel agents, and wholesalers to make reservations, inquire on account status, and many other functions.  The IRM server can simultaneously handle hundreds of requests for reservation availability and rates.  All reservations are commission free and stored immediately on the RDP data server.  The IRM requires a dedicated Microsoft Windows server, but usually the less expensive models are all that is needed.   During our initial hardware we will work with you to make sure you buy the correct server.

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Data Server and IRM Server Dedicated to RDP

The RDP system is extremely fast and reliable when installed as the only application on a Windows server.  As more non-RDP applications are installed on the RDP data server, there is a potential for performance degradation.   To determine how many different applications can coexist on the same server is a topic we will discuss with your during our hardware review.  Computer servers have become relatively inexpensive. If you have several significant applications in addition to RDP it is a much better to have a dedicated server for RDP than to risk the potential conflicts and performance degradation that can occur when loading multiple large applications on the same server.

The data server and IRM server can be used simultaneously as an RDP workstation for all system functions, however this may slow the performance of all workstations.  RDP suggests not using the data server as a workstation, except for installations with very few workstations.

Workstation/Interface Configuration

RDP supports Pro versions of Microsoft Windows 10 , 8.1, 8, and 7.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows work fine with RDPWin.  During our hardware test we will determine if all existing workstations can work with RDP.  

Network Cards and Switches/Hubs 

Network cards allow workstations to communicate with the data server. They are critical to system performance, since a great deal of data travels between the data server and workstations.  A 100mb network or faster is required. 

Citrix or Terminal Server

Remote workstations and thin clients can be connected with Citrix or Terminal server.  See Using RDPWin Remotely w/ Citrix or Terminal Server for details on terminal server requirements.

Removable Backup Systems

A backup system is required for all RDP systems. Any backup system can be used, including: 

  • Removable hard disk 
  • Tape
  • On-line
  • Pervasive Data Exchange Replication Software


For more information see, RDP Data to Backup Daily.

Printers and Forms

Almost all printers work with RDPWin.  RDP supports both local and shared printers.  A  local printer is defined as a printer connected directly to a workstation.  A Windows shared printer can be connected directly to the network hub or to a parallel port on a different workstation.

Laser printers are recommended for all locations because of their speed and high-quality output.  Plain paper can be used for folios, registration cards and statements to groups, travel agents, owners and other entities.  However, many customers prefer the higher quality look of preprinted forms.  RDP has a wide selection of forms that can be ordered through our forms division, RDP Paper at 800/RDP-PAPR (1-800-737-7277).  See Pre-printed forms Overview.

Other Hardware and Software

Firewall A firewall is used to help prevent unauthorized access to your data and required by PCI. There are several recommended ports that need to be open in order to run RDPWin, IRM.Net and Pervasive.

See Important Ports for more information.
Router A router connects your internal network to the Internet.
Switch/Hub One or more switches or hubs are used to connect all workstations and servers.  For the easiest installation and best performance, the RDP data server and Internet Reservation Module (IRM) server should be connected to the same hub/switch.
Active Directory Optional RDP software is designed to work with or without Microsoft Active Directory.
Pervasive.SQL Database RDP software uses the Pervasive database.  Pervasive is one of the fastest and most reliable client/server databases available and is used many sites, large and small, worldwide. New and existing customers must purchase Pervasive from RDP. This purchase includes documentation and support of current Pervasive versions with the RDP programs.

For pricing, see Pervasive Database Overview.
Remote access with Citrix or Terminal Services It is easy to use RDPWin remotely using Terminal Services or Citrix.  RDP has many customers with reservation departments that are not located on the property, as well as central reservations for multiple RDP properties.  See RDP & Citrix for details.
Interface  Computers RDP offers interfaces to a variety of devices including: call accounting, point-of-sale, voicemail, in-room movies, in-room Internet billing and room key.  These interfaces require a dedicated computer between the RDP system and the interface device.  At most, two interfaces share one bridge computer. To reduce costs, please order these interface computers with two serial ports.  For each interface, a serial port and cable are required. 

For details, see RDP Supported Interfaces.
Internet Access and E-Mail Required An Internet connection is required for the following: logging support issues, viewing the support website, and providing the ability for RDP Support Technicians to support your system.  RDP distributes correspondence, such as conference invitations, product announcements, and new feature descriptions via e-mail.  An e-mail account is required.
Internal Outgoing SMTP E-Mail Server Required RDP provides the ability to send guests, owners, groups, travel agents, and others e-mail from the IRM and RDPWin.  An outgoing SMTP e-mail server must be configured.  Note: Microsoft provides an SMTP server at no charge with every copy of Windows Server. 

See RDP Email Marketing.

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