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High Speed Internet Credit Card Processing - Hospitality Software System

Resort Data Processing's credit card interface partner, Protobase, now offers high speed credit card authorizations and settlements via the Internet.  An authorization that used to take over 30 seconds at check-in can process in less than six (6) seconds!  See Overview of RDP Credit card authorization and processing.  Also, see Payment Card Industry (PCI) Credit Card Compliance.

Protobase's new service, ProtoBase Express, uses Protobase's own private IP network for sending and receiving credit card authorizations.  This new service works in the following manner. 

  1. Use the RDP system to swipe the guest's credit card for either an authorization or a sale.  For advance deposits, the card number can be entered via the system.  See list of approved credit card processors.
  2. RDP sends the credit card number and other information to the Protobase bridge workstation.  
  3. The credit card information is encrypted by Protobase bridge workstation for secure transmission.  
  4. The encrypted information is sent to Protobase's communication office via your normal Internet connection, which can be DSL, Frame Relay, T1, or any other constant connection.  A modem is not used, except as a backup in case your Internet connection is down.
  5. Protobase decrypts the information and relays it to your processor using their private network.
  6. The processor evaluates the transaction and sends back an approval or denial to Protobase using their private network.
  7. The evaluated transaction is encrypted and sent back to the property via the public Internet.

The steps above are normally completed in a less than six seconds.  The reduction in processing time can be attributed to the elimination of modem dialing and "handshaking."  The packet of information is sent immediately using the Internet, and the response is returned immediately.

The following diagram depicts the steps listed above:

eXpress Tran - High Speed Internet Credit Card Processing

The benefits of high speed credit card processing over the Internet include:

Each of these benefits is explored in greater detail below.


Faster Authorization Times

With ProtoBase Express, credit card processing time for authorizations and sales is reduced from approximately 30 seconds with a modem connection, to less than six seconds.  This reduction in processing time can be attributed to the elimination of modem dialing and "handshaking."  With the standard Protobase interface, a clerk swipes a card at check-in for incidental authorization, immediately hears the modem dial out, and make a series of beeps and buzzes in order to connect to the processor.  With Internet processing, the packet of information is immediately sent to the Protobase private network via the Internet.  There is no dial-time or handshaking.

During a busy check-in day, when the line at the front desk may be ten guests deep, this time-saving credit card processing option could save each guest close to five minutes in line each!  Anyone who travels knows that the last thing that makes them feel welcome at a property is a long line at check in.

The speed of credit card authorizations and sales with ProtoBase Express is comparable to major retail outlets such as Target or Wal-Mart.  At these outlets, the customer's card is swiped for a sale, and the receipt is printed immediately.  This same technology is now available for your property through ProtoBase Express.

Faster, More Reliable Settlements

During the audit process, properties normally perform a credit card audit and deposit (settlement).  The settlement is the critical step in depositing credit card payments into the property's bank account.  One of the most costly mistakes made at a property is a "double-settlement" due to a modem disconnect.  With ProtoBase Express, the property has a full-time Internet connection making it highly unlikely that a settlement would be processed twice.  Any property that has experienced a double-settlement knows that this benefit alone makes ProtoBase Express a viable option.

Reduce Charge-Backs

Another costly and time-consuming credit card processing problem is a charge-back.  A credit card charge-back happens for any number of reasons from guest fraud to honest mistakes.  One avoidable reason for guest charge-backs is a double-charge due to a modem disconnection. 

If a property employee attempts to run a card and the sale is completed without his or her knowledge, it is highly possible that the employee may run the sale again.  In this scenario, the guest disputes the charge causing the property an expense (normally $15-$25) and time in research, correspondence, and mending the relationship. 

Again, ProtoBase Express eliminates the modem line, making credit card processing more reliable.

Eliminate Modem Line Charges

Whether your property uses the standard Protobase interface or processes credit cards outside of the RDP system, the property pays for extra phone lines dedicated to processing credit cards.  By installing ProtoBase Express, the property uses the Internet for credit card processing, thereby eliminating any monthly charges attributed to dedicated modem lines.  This savings alone could add $400 - $800 per year to the property's bottom line.

Eliminate Per-Call Modem Charges

Many RDP properties, specifically those in the Caribbean, are charged an access fee (or long distance charges) every time the modem dials out for a credit card authorization or sale.  These access fees add up to a significant, monthly expense.  With ProtoBase Express, the modem is eliminated as well as any per-call charges.

Receive a Lower Transaction Fee

RDP has found that many credit card processing contracts include a .01 to .04 cent charge per modem connection.  Many times, this charge can be reduced or eliminated by installing ProtoBase Express. 

Purchasing ProtoBase Express

High-speed Internet credit card processing is available immediately from Protobase.  The cost associated with this service are:

-$350 onetime high-speed installation fee

-$800 per year for support

-$40 to $140 per month based on property size.

To purchase ProtoBase Express, please contact the Protobase sales representative directly at
Call RDP sales for general questions. 

PCI Credit Card Compliance

See "RDP PCI Compliant Credit Card Interface"


PCI Compliance

All customers must be PCI Compliant in the near future. For more information, see RDP Products and PCI.

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