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Meta-Direct Interface - Google Hotel Finder - Trip Advisor & More

RDP has an interface with Jack Rabbit Systems, who allow your rates and availability to show on various "Meta Search" websites, such as Google Hotel Finder, Trip Advisor, and Trivago. 

 The flow of events is as follows:

  1. Set up an account with Jack Rabbit Systems - See links below
  2. Subscribe to the RDP Jack Rabbit Interface by calling Sandra Asregadoo at 970-845-1141 or Rob Key at 970-845-1178
  3. The guest uses Google, Trip Advisor or another Meta-Direct site to search for lodging. For example, in Google if you type "Hotel in Chicago", Google automatically shows the Google Hotel Finder Screen, listing various Chicago area hotels, with rates and availability.  
  4.  The guest is sent from Google Hotel Finder to RDP's commission free Internet Booking Module (IRM) to make the reservation, bypassing any fees you might have to pay to your GDS provider.
  5. RDP's IRM Booking Engine stores the reservation immediately in your database
  6. The RDP system sends out the HTML Email Confirmation. The confirmation can be unique for Google, Trip Advisor, and other meta-search sites.
  7. Meta-direct has become a very popular method of making reservations, with significant growth in the future.  RDP's Jack Rabbit interface allows your property to share in this powerful channel.

    See:                     Jack Rabbit Data Sheet            Jack Rabbit Insertion Order Form

To see Google Hotel finder in Action


  1. Enter

  2. In the search bar, enter hotels in [destination]. (ie, hotels in Vail)

  3. In the hotel results box, pick your dates, or click More hotels.

  4. To narrow down your search, To the right of your dates, use the filters to limit your hotel search by price, rating, and hotel class.
    Use the map to see the location and other hotels in the area.


Reservation Distribution Channels - GDS / OTA  Interfaces

The RDP reservation system is designed to provide true last room availability from a variety of channels simultaneously as illustrated by the diagram below. 


For more information click on any box below or View All Reservation Channels


Your marketing website can be directly linked to the RDP Database by RDP's booking engine (IRM), and our Smartphone formatted Mobile IRM, as well as our Application Programmer Interface

Links for Detailed information on Reservation Channels


For more information call Rita Gale at Resort Data Processing at 970-845-1143


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