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Nor1 Internet Reservation Upgrade Interface

RDP is pleased to announce a partnership with Nor1 to help increase revenue through guest reservation upgrades. RDP has developed an interface between our Internet Reservation Module (IRM.Net) and Nor1 to offer guests the opportunity to upgrade their room at a discounted rate after the booking is complete. The interface is free to RDP customers and the upgrade revenue is split between your property and Nor1.  The typical up-sell conversion rate is 15-20%.

This page provides an overview of the RDP-Nor1 interface.  For more information, please call Nate Strauss at RDP at 970-845-1153 or Email:

Download Nor1 PDF overview

How eStandby Upgrade Works

  1. After a guest reserves a room on IRM.Net, they are offered the opportunity to purchase an upgrade if it is available at check-in.
  2. Guests may access information either from a link on your website or from an email sent to them by Nor1 on your behalf.
  3. Guests view an easy to use web page and select the room type, which commits them to paying for the upgrade if it is available at check-in.
  4. If you decided to award the requested upgrade at check-in, the guest automatically receives it. 
  5. If the upgrade is not awarded, then the original reservation stands with no extra upgrade charge. 
  6. There is no charge for the interface between RDP and Nor1.  If the guest upgrades, you receive a share of the revenue. The upgrade is not available, there is no charge to you or the guest.

Benefits of Using the Nor1 Interface

  • No risk for increasing profitability

  • Create demand for premium inventory

  • Easy to implement with RDP and the IRM.Net

  • Consistent branding including photos, room descriptions

  • Supports existing loyalty programs

  • Revenue grows stronger with each interaction 

  • Creates a better guest experience

No1 Interface


For additional details, see Nor1 PDF overview or call Nate Strauss at RDP at 970-845-1153 or Email:

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