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Voice Mail Interface Vendors - Hotel Management System Software

With RDP Software, voicemail can be activated upon check-in and turned off at checkout. Depending on the voice mail system, the interface can also send the guest name to the voicemail system and transfer voice messages after a room move.
Vendor Phone# Website Model Ver. Protocol Emulates UPD Prog
Active Voice 206-441-4700 Replay/Repartee       ACTIVVOC RDP736
CallStream 905-847-5362 VoiceLinc       CALLSTRM RDP736
Centigram 408-944-0250   5.0+     CENTGRAM RDP736
Hitachi 770-446-8820 DX, HCX5000 4.6 - 7.0+     HITACHI RDP736
800-424-6757       Mitel CENTGRAM RDP736
VSR 800-967-4877 CoVoice/DigiLink       VSR RDP736
Mitel 800-648-3579 Express Messenger   Encore Centigram CENTGRAM RDP736
Mitel 800-648-3579 Express Messenger   HIS HIS EXPR-HIS RDP736
Nortel 800-466-7835 Meridian SL1 X11 - 18+     NORTHTEL RDP736

 Software Overview

Resort Data Processing (RDP) software has been installed since 1981 at over 1000 locations worldwide (see customer list).  Please use the links below to learn more about RDP software for Hotels and Resorts. If you are renting homes or condominiums on a short term basis, please start with Vacation Rental Overview.  Timeshare properties should begin with our Timeshare Overview.  Our Campground system is also available.  Our systems are fully integrated, so all features in our hotel system are available for vacation rentals and timeshare resorts and vice versa.

Contact RDP Sales for pricing information or to schedule an onsite demonstration.

Core RDP Modules Interfaces

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