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Conference Room & Activity Scheduling

The Conference Room & Activity Scheduling Module (S6) provides the ability to schedule conference rooms, spa services, bike rentals and other hourly items.  Availability is tracked to 15-minute intervals.  For example, a conference room could be scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., and then book the same room to another guest from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Items can be rented as many times as required each day to guests or non-guests.  The charges for rentals can appear on the guest folio.  Topics covered in this document include:

Note:  Please also review Itinerary and Concierge Module (RP) and Virtual Store on the Internet Module (S1), both of which can be used in conjunction with the Conference Room & Activity Scheduling Module.

 Topics covered in this document

Conference Room Rentals

Conference rooms can be rented out by the hour for meetings, group meals, weddings, corporate functions, etc.  This can be a huge source of revenue for the property.  In fact, renting a conference room out by the hour can actually bring in much more revenue than simply renting it out for the whole day.  For example, a room that seats 20 could be rented out for the entire day for a corporate meeting for $500.  Alternately, that same room could be rented out to three different groups during a single day for $250 for a total of $750.  This is a small scale example.  Imagine the revenue for larger spaces!

Add Conference Room to Existing Reservation

When a guest needs a conference room, there is no need to fill out a lot of extra paperwork. Just add the conference room rental to the reservation.  With the reservation selected, add an activity.  The system searches for available conference rooms based on the reservation date, activity type (set to hourly), and vendor (set up for conference room so all meeting space is considered - regardless of location and size.

Select the Conference Room
The Add Activities screen displays all the conference rooms available with pricing information and a short description.  This description can be used to display the view, the layout, the decorations...anything you wish to configure.  There is no limit to the number of activities, so there is no limit to your potential revenue!!!

Click and Drag to Schedule
Once the activity is selected, the schedule displays for the day based on hours of business (as configured on the vendor).  Just click in the hour desired and drag to the ending time needed.

Now only a flat fee can be charged for an activity, so a conference room that rents by the hour has only an hourly charge.  However, RDPWin still allows you to bill for two hours if that's what you need.  Just drag on two hours for the conference room you want and set the hours by increasing the number of people billed.  In the example below, the conference room rents for $350 an hour.  Since it's reserved for two hours, set the People Billed to 2 and the system automatically adjusts the price (2 hours x $350 = $700).

Charges Included on Guest Folio or Non-Guest Bill
When an hourly conference room rental is booked as an activity on a reservation, the charges display on the guest folio.  You can also charge people who are not currently a guest who use facilities.  An example is shown below:

View Conference Room Schedules

Viewing the conference room rental schedule can be a valuable tool to any front desk or concierge.  Just click the link on the Activity Vendor Introduction page or select from the menu.

The entire schedule of all conference rooms for operating business hours (based on configuration of the activity vendor) is available for easy review.  This schedule shows that Bud Abbott (Res#175) has Conference Room 1 booked from 11 a.m. to noon and Conference Room 5 from 1 p.m. through 3 p.m.

Hourly Activity Vendor Details

Each hourly vendor can be configured with different tickets, codes, scheduling intervals, business hours, and whether or not it even shows up on the Internet using the IRM.

Easily Configure Conference Room
G/L Accounts, Tax Categories, Weekend Charges, and Seasonal Amounts

When hourly conference rooms are configured as components, the revenue is automatically distributed to the correct general ledger account.  The taxes are automatically applied and accounted for using the proper category.  The hourly rates can be increased based on weekday or weekends.  Rates for the hourly room can also be automatically calculated based on season to allow for peak pricing during peak seasons.  Each room with a different capacity can be set up with individual information based on individual property needs.

Each room can be set up as a different component to allow for diverse capacities.  All of the existing activity batches can be easily viewed and changed when necessary.

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