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Booking Pace and Occupancy Forecasting - Resort Management Software

The Booking Pace and Occupancy Forecasting module provides RDP customers the ability to analyze forecasted revenue and occupancy and compare the forecasts to the same time last year.  A dozen reports are included, all of which can be modified with Crystal Reports.  A wide variety of additional reports can easily be created to analyze data.  For example, on 2/1/2011, you could run a report that showed the total number of rooms booked, and revenue for the period 3/1/2011 to 6/30/2011.  The report includes totals for the same time frame last year (i.e., on 2/1/2010, what was booked for 3/1/2010 to 6/30/2010).  This allows management to analyze if the booking pace is ahead or behind last year.  Any date ranges are possible.

Each night the system takes a "snapshot" of all reservations and stores this data in a forecast file.  This data is stored forever, limited only by available disk space.  The data includes a wide variety of sorting capabilities

Sample Booking Pace/Forecasting Reports
Additional Sample Reports
Overview of Crystal Reports

Weekly Growth Comparison Report

To help analyze growth and booking pace, RDP has created a variety of "Growth Reports."  These reports take two date inputs and then do comparisons and variances between them.  Currently RDP offers daily, weekly, and monthly options, but further reports can be created based on specific property requests. 

Comparison Monthly

Six Month Booking Report

The Six Month Booking Reports shows occupied rooms sold and revenue or occupancy percentages for up to 6 months from the user defined "Booking Date."  RDP offers a variety of Six Month Reports that allow a focus on Group/Wholesalers, Market Codes, Source of Business, etc. 

Six Month Booking Report

Forecasting Snapshot

The Forecasting Snapshot reports show all future reservations from a selected booking date. The report provides a breakdown per day for arrivals, departures, stayovers, as well as revenue and occupancy totals.

Forecast Snapshot

Travel Agent/Wholesaler/Tour Operator Forecast

The Wholesaler / Tour Operator Forecast is a Monthly Cross Tab report showing Occupied Nights for each day of the month per Wholesaler.  This report could be run for larger or smaller date ranges.  Grand and Variance Totals for Current and Prior Week per Agent are displayed in Report Footer.  RDP has also provided a separate version of this report without the Cross Tab chart.  This allows for a larger range to be run without the formatting issues associated with Cross Tabs.

Wholesaler/Tour Operator Room Forecast

Additional Reports Available

The Booking Pace and Occupancy Forecasting module is available today with a dozen reports.  Like all RDP modules, further enhancements and capabilities will be added based up feedback and requests of RDP customers.  RDP has always had the philosophy that the customer is responsible for the future of RDP. and enhancements and future improvements will be done based on what the customer wants.  Please Contact RDP Sales at 970/845-1140 for questions or custom report requests.

Over 500 Reports are Included with RDP

More than 500 reports are included with the RDP Software package. Each report can be easily modified or changed using Crystal Reports 2008.

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