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HTML Email Communication

The HTML Email Communication module allow hyperlinks and graphics to be embedded into the body of the HTML email. Emails sent through RDPWin can be customized to mirror your marketing website design scheme. When paired with RDPWin's Survey & Guest Communication Module, it greatly increases the rate of returned surveys. Include a link to the survey on a Thank You email that can be automatically sent to the guest upon departure.

Highlighted features of the HTML Email Communication module include:

  • Match your marketing website's look and feel in emails to your guests.
  • Increase the rate of opened email by minimizing the effect of spam filters and junk mail folders. By including the information inside the body of the email instead of an attachment, your content has a better chance of reaching your customers.
  • Look more professional and reliable when sending guests confirmations, pre-arrival emails, folios, special offers and more.
  • Pre-arrival HTML letters can be sent to the guest to remind them of their upcoming stays.
  • Advance deposit reminders can be sent using an HTML format.
  • Departures letters can be sent out automatically using the RDPWin Monitor.
  • The HTML email capabilities allow hyperlinks and graphics to be embedded into the body of the HTML email.
  • Increase revenue to other channels of your business by including advertising for amenities, restaurants, events, activities and more.

The estimated release date of the HTML Email Communication module is October 15, 2012. This date is subject to change.

Below is a sample of the HTML Thank You email with active survey links.  RDP offers HTML email customization and design services which can be packaged with the HTML module. This email is completely customizable to fit your property's needs and marketing website.  Contact us for further information.

Sample Email Template 1 (click to enlarge)

Sample Email 2 (click to enlarge)

Pre-Arrival Sample Email 1
Pre-Arrival Sample Email 2
Check-Out Email Sample 1
Check-Out Email Sample 2

Module Details

The HTML Email module works in three scenarios (pricing varies respectively):

  1. New purchase of the Guest Survey Module includes the HTML Email Module - Full features included with both Survey and HTML Modules, as well as one HTML email template designed to your specifications and training on HTML emails.
  2. New purchase of HTML Email Module without Survey Module - Includes either 1 custom HTML email confirmation designed by RDP or consultation with web design specialist at your property.
  3. Existing Survey Customers - Turn on HTML Module for free, with optional custom HTML Email confirmation designed by RDP for an additional charge.

For more information or to purchase the Guest Survey & Communication module,  contact RDP Sales

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