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Intelity Interface

The RDP property management system interfaces with Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) program.  ICE allows guests to enter requests such as room service, schedule spa treatments, purchase show tickets, request wake up calls, etc. from a web-enabled device. It functions as a virtual concierge, allowing guests to request and purchase services at their convenience.

Intelity's ICE is designed for many different web-enabled platforms. Guests can view and make requests for up to 30 different hotel services directly from their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or from a device provided in the guest room such as the TV.

Visit Intelity website for more information about the features of ICE.


ICE Mobile

RDP and Intelity ICE

The ICE interface accesses a subset of the RDP database via Microsoft's Web Services (SOAP) using the RDP API. This information allows the guest to see their folio and post charges directly from the ICE device in the room. 

For more information or pricing on the Intelity ICE interface, please contact RDP.

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