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Wait List - Hotel Reservation System Software

The Wait List features in RDP include the ability to make a reservation for a guest in a non-rental WAIT room when the requested room type is not available, and move them if a room becomes available. If the guest decides not to complete the reservation because the room isn't available, use the Denial Tracking module to record the reason.

RDPWin Wait List Reports

RDP will not automatically convert reservations from Wait List to actual reservations should the space become available. This needs to be done manually. RDP offers several reports in Crystal format to assist with managing your Wait List.

  • Wait List Reservations Made Today
  • Wait List Reservations by Arrival Date
  • Wait List Reservations by Room Type & Arrival Date
  • Wait List Reservations by Guest Name
  • Expired Wait List Reservations (Arrival in Past)

If space is found for a Wait List reservation, the reservationist should change the room type and rate as appropriate and confirm the changes with the guest. By changing the room type, the reservation will fall off of the Wait List reports.

Run the Expired Wait List Reservations report on a regular basis to see if any Wait List reservations are past their requested dates. Cancel these Wait List reservations since you were not able to accommodate the guest.

Modify or create new reports with RDP Crystal Reports. 

Moving Wait List Reservations to Available Room

One of the primary goals of a Wait List is to move the guest to an available room when one becomes available.  RDPWin allows the reservation to moved quickly and easily from the Reservation Tape Chart.  Emails can be sent to the guest to notify them that the room became available.

Adding Wait List Reservations to Email and Guest History Database

Wait list reservations are automatically added to the RDP guest history database, which captures the guests mailing address and email address.  The RDP system can then send email blasts to all guests for marketing purposes.  The mass email features are included with the core RDPWin system.  While a room may or may not become available for the particular time the guest original requested via the Wait List feature, mass email marketing can help encourage the guest to book a room at the property at some time in the future.

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 Software Overview

Resort Data Processing (RDP) software has been installed since 1981 at over 1000 locations worldwide (see customer list).  Please use the links below to learn more about RDP software for Hotels and Resorts. If you are renting homes or condominiums on a short term basis, please start with Vacation Rental Overview.  Timeshare properties should begin with our Timeshare Overview.  Our Campground system is also available.  Our systems are fully integrated, so all features in our hotel system are available for vacation rentals and timeshare resorts and vice versa.

Contact RDP Sales for pricing information or to schedule an onsite demonstration.

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