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Pay Bills for Owners and Guests

In addition to work orders it is possible to pay bills for owners and guests, such as cable TV, Electric, Gas, etc.  The system can print checks to the vendors and bill either the owners on the owner statement or the guest on the reservation folio.  The types of bills that can be paid for owners and reservations is as follows:

See Overview of Vacation Rental System and Sample owner statement

Type of Bill Explanation
Work Order A work order can pay the vendor who performed the works as well as generate a charge on the owner statement, including an optional mark-up.   For example, if "Bob's TV Repair" fixes the owners TV for $100, you can pay the Vendor $100 and bill the owner $120, all from one screen.  Checks can be printed for Vendors.   See Work Order Overview.
Housekeeping Owners can be charged for housekeeping on the owner statement.
See Housekeeping Overview.
Recurring Monthly Charge Accounts can be set up for recurring monthly charges that you pay on behalf of the owner.  Examples include cable TV, electric bill, water bill, gas, etc.  You can "batch process" the invoices each month from one screen.  For example, if you receive 100 different electric bills for 100 owners, the system will display a screen of all 100 accounts and all you have to do is enter the amount for each account#.   The system can then pay the electric company for all 100 invoices with one check AND charge each of the 100 owners.
All this from just one screen!!  Sample below.
One Time Bill One time bills can also be paid for owners that are not related to a work order.  For example, you may agree to pay an electric bill one time only for an owner.
Tasks for Reservations It is also possible to have tasks on reservations, such as "purchase food and stock the refrigerator", and then charge the reservation and pay the Vendor.

Pay a Batch of Owner Bills From One Screen

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