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IRM.Net Travel Agent Access & Booking

RDP offers the optional Internet Reservation Module (IRM.Net) to allow travel agents and wholesalers to check rates and availability and make reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If the agent has an e-mail address, they can log into the IRM.Net to make reservations from any computer on the Internet.

Some of our customers have really outdone themselves with their marketing site in conjunction with IRM.Net.  To see some customer websites that really look great and to see what IRM.Net can do for your business, see IRM.Net Customer List.

Features include:

View information on Group IRM.Net Access.

Process is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

The process of making a reservation for travel agents is easy.  There are seven steps even with complicated situations.

  1. A travel agent master must be created or exist in RDPWin.  Agents log into the IRM.Net using their agent number or their e-mail address.  A password must be entered which is stored on the agent master in RDPWin. 

  2. The agent accesses the IRM.Net portal.  A direct link can be set up on your marketing site to direct travel agents to the portal using a hyperlink (IRMNet/login.aspx?logintype=ta).  The same can be done for groups (IRMNet/login.aspx?logintype=group).

  3. Select dates, enter the number of people, and any preferences desired.

  4. When Search for Availability is clicked, available rooms are listed.  Links can be configured in RDPWin to show the availability calendar:

    Specific room details:

    Rate information:

  5. Once Reserve is clicked, and if the Virtual Store is installed, various extras can be chosen by the agent for the guest.

  6. Click Continue after selecting any activities from the Virtual Store to finalize the reservation.  Contact information and payment details are required.  Click Make Reservation to complete the process.

  7. The system files the reservation and displays a confirmation screen.  The agent can then print the confirmation, view their reservation history, log out, or make another reservation.

Reporting & Commissions

RDPWin's various reports show total revenue generated by each agent on a daily, month-to-date and year-to-date basis, with comparisons to last year.  Travel agents can pre-deduct their commission, or the system can print a commission check.  Unique rates can be established for each travel agent or wholesaler.  Additionally, room blocks can be allocated to specific wholesalers, varying each day of the year.

Custom Agent Screen After Agent Login

The can be set up to display a custom screen for each agent after the login step.  When an agent-specific file exists in /Custom/..../UserText/Agents, then the displays it upon login with a Continue button below it.  Click the Continue button to proceed to reservations.  There is only one agent-specific file location, so the file should be named <AGENTNUM>.htm, for example BigAppleTravels.htm.


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