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IRM.Net Group Access & Booking

RDP offers the optional Internet Reservation Module (IRM.Net) to allow groups and group members to check rates and availability and make reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  When an email address exists on the group master in RDPWin, group members can log into the IRM.Net to make reservations directly on your system, from any workstation connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

To view sample IRM.Net site from RDP customers, see IRM.Net Customer List.

Features include:


View information on Travel Agent IRM.Net Access.

Group Reservation Process

The follow steps below outline the process for making group reservations on the IRM.Net.

  1. A group master must be created or exist in RDPWin.  Groups can log into the IRM using their Group# (as entered in RDPWin) or their e-mail address.  A password must be entered which is stored on RDPWin's Group Detail tab to allow entry.
  2. The group accesses the group and travel group IRM portal.  A direct link can be set up on your marketing site to direct groups directly to a portal just for them (no travel agent radio button) by entering "...IRM/login.aspx?logintype=group".  The same can be done for travel agents using "...IRM/login.aspx?logintype=TA".
  3. Enter/select dates, complete the People fields, and enter any preferences desired.
  4. When the group master has arrival and departure dates and a room block with selected room types, Availability is automatically displayed after the login.  Links can be configured in RDPWin to show the availability calendar as shown here:

    This sample shows the group discounted rate amount in the header and reflects the same information in rate breakdown.
  5. Once Reserve is clicked and when the Virtual Store is installed, the reservation summary page and vendor information is listed for easy selection.
  6. Click Continue after selecting any activities from the Virtual Store to finalize the reservation.  Contact information and payment details are required, then click Make Reservation.
  7. When Make Reservation is clicked, the system files the reservation and displays a confirmation screen.  The group can then print the confirmation, view their reservation history, log out, or make another reservation.

    The guest list is updated once the reservation is finalized.

Group Statistical Reports and Marketing

The system tracks month-to-date and year-to-date revenue for all group masters. Totals are printed monthly for the current year, monthly for the previous year, and quarterly. RDPWin's powerful report writer allows you to change these reports to meet exact specifications.

Groups are a tremendous source of revenue to many properties. The RDP system provides marketing tools to make sure groups return yearly. Also, with powerful group reports keying on the group status field (tentative vs. definite), prospective groups are efficiently tracked, ensuring no business "slips through the cracks".

The system prints mailing labels and customized letters to groups based on a wide variety of criteria. For example, a letter is written once and re-printed inserting every group's name and address who stayed at the property the past five years. A different letter is written to all tentative groups that negotiated with the property but did not confirm.

Custom Group Screen After Group Login

The can be set up to display a custom screen for each group after the login step.  If a group specific file exists in /Custom/..../UserText/Groups, then it will be display upon login with a Continue button below it. Click the Continue button to proceed to reservations.  There is only one group specific file location, so the file should be named <GROUPNUM>.htm, for example Rockies.htm.

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