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IRM.Net -  Analytics & Campaign Management

The IRM Analytics & Campaign Management module is a powerful add on to the Internet Reservation Module and our new Smartphone Booking Engine, IRM Mobile.  The module includes the following capabilities:


Platforms Supported

The IRM.Net Analytics & Campaign Management module supports the following platforms.   If you are interested in one that is not on the list, please contact RDP, we may be able to add it.   It is possible to have the IRM output data to more than one platform simultaneously.  However, some combinations of platforms may not be possible.


  • Google eCommerce Tracking

  • Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

  • DoubleClick for Advertisers Conversion Tracking

  • TravelClick Conversion Tracking

  • Avvio

  • JackRabbit

  • MediaForge

  • MediaPlex


Track All Website Activity (Hits) to IRM.Net

The IRM.Net Analytics & Campaign Management module can track all website activity to IRM.Net, even if the guest does not complete the reservation.  The diagram below shows the process:

IRM Analytics

Sample of All Traffic Sources Report

  1. Create a free Google Analytics account.  See Google Analytics.
  2. RDP installs the IRM.Net Analytics & Campaign Management module on your IRM.Net server, which includes special programming to interface directly with your Google Analytics account.
  3. The guest can use a variety of web browsers and start directly with your marketing website or with any other website, such as Google, Yahoo, your chamber of commerce, etc.
  4. When the guest selects the option for "reservations", the IRM.Net retrieves rates and availability.  Google Analytics tracks all pages visited, how long the guest spent on the page, and other information.
  5. If the guest completes the reservation process, IRM.Net stores the reservation immediately in the RDP database on your data server.  IRM.Net also passes the total revenue information for that reservation to Google Analytics to provide accurate Google reports.
  6. The RDP Source of Business report shows all reservations, sorted by source code.

Create and Track Marketing Campaigns and Promotions

The IRM.Net Analytics & Campaign Management module allows you to create and track marketing campaigns and promotions.  When the guest makes a reservation on IRM.Net, they can enter the promotion code.  The following items control the promotion code: 

Field Name Sample Data Explanation
Promotion Name Christmas Special The name of the promotion appears on RDP reports and the Reservation Inquiry screen.
Promotion Code P1234 A promotion code can be entered by the guest on the IRM.Net or passed.
Rate Plan 10DC The 10DC rate plan ("10 percent discount" is used for this promotion).
Start Date 12/15/2010 The guest cannot use the promotion code on IRM.Net before the start date.
End Date 12/31/2010 The guest cannot use the promotion code on IRM.Net after the end date.
Source of Business Code CS RDP has many source of business reports.  This promotion is coded to the "CS" category

Promotion Codes Automatically Sent
From Online Advertising

The IRM.Net Analytics & Campaign Management module allows promotion codes to be passed from online advertising to to IRM.Net.  For example, you might buy an ad on your chamber of commerce website, and advertise your "Christmas Special - click here to save 10%".  This hyperlink can automatically pass the promotion code to IRM.Net, which is then tracked on Google Analytics and RDP source-of-business reporting.


Track Google Pay-per-click Advertising by Ad

The IRM.Net Analytics & Campaign Management module allows you to track how many reservations are made for each keywords purchased in a Google Pay-per-click campaign.  The process is as follows:

  1. Establish a Google Pay-per-click account and purchase various keywords.
  2. When the guest uses one of your keywords from Google, the keyword is passed to IRM.Net Analytics.
  3. Various reports show all activity to IRM.Net for each keyword, including total traffic and reservation revenue. 

View our IRM.Net Overview View Google's Pay-Per-Click Info

Sample Ad

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