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What Customers are Saying About the IRM

Some of our customers have really outdone themselves with their marketing site in conjunction with IRM.Net.  To see some customer websites that really look great and to see what IRM.Net can do for your rental property and online booking engine, visit IRM.Net Customer List.

Thanks for offering the ability to have the IRM rate plan descriptions come from html files. Now we can put hyperlinks into selected areas of the text and even include rate descriptions in Japanese. As always, we really appreciate all that you do for your customers and please know that you always have a great reference available from us.

By the way, IRM reservations for the last month were just below 15% of the total and will account for almost $30K in revenue. It was insightful of RDP to foresee the need for this module when you did as we are finding more and more customers preferring to make their reservations online versus by telephone. If any other customers are questioning whether or not to make the investment, I would say they would be shortsighted not to.

-- Alix Nathan, Owner, The Mark Spencer Hotel

".....I have severely neglected to tell you that the IRM2 is way cool.  It's so much easier to navigate and the information is presented very clearly for the guests...We've had a number of reservations on it already.  Our guests are going to love the calendar feature (they've been asking for it for months).

-- Stacey Smith, Manager, Gastehaus Schmidt

"The IRM is a low-maintenance system. It is up and running 24 hours a day with little to no problems. The only time it has been off-line since installation was to reconfigure our on-line rates.

Additionally, guests booking their stay using the IRM are staying longer and are better acquainted with the property prior to arrival."

-- Ryley Young, Assistant Hotel Manager, Saddle West Hotel & Casino 

"Working with the RDP Installation Team was a very positive experience. Anytime we had a configuration question or needed a change to the program, the answer or fix was delivered promptly and efficiently. Thanks to RDP, the IRM site is up and running and customized to meet our property's unique needs."

-- Jim Fleming, Operations Manager, Granlibakken Management Co.

"The IRM has helped our condominium rental business a great deal.  The ability to show multiple pictures of each property helps our guests decide where they want to stay without calling us.  The ability to have unique rates for every rental unit is critical for us.   We booked over $500,000 on the IRM last year.  Thanks."

-- Bart Cuomo, Owner, Vail Realty & Rental  

Internet Reservation Module Overview and Links

RDP's Internet Reservation Module (IRM) can be integrated into your current marketing website.  Key features include:

  • IRM reservations are commission-free.
  • IRM reservations are stored immediately into the RDP database.
  • True "last-room" availability.
  • The average RDP customer with the IRM generates over $200,000/year in additional revenue than those without.
  • Guests, owners, owner's guests, groups and travel agents and owner guests can all make IRM reservations.

IRM.Net Demonstrations Other IRM.Net Information

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