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Timeshare Management Software

Private Residence Club Software

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New - RCI Interface to Load Exchange Reservations

Resort Data Processing (RDP) develops timeshare software for fractional properties, private residence clubs (PRC), and destination clubs. Guests and owners can reserve via the internet, and owner internet access includes the owner calendar and ability to view bills paid by the management company. Work orders and housekeeping history can also be accessed online. With a strong customer base and 25 years of experience in the complex area of owner managed timeshare software, the RDP system modules that are timeshare-specific are fully integrated with RDP's core property management system.

RDP systems manage variations of fractional ownership like weekly, quarter share, membership and "point-based" resorts.


Private Residence Clubs - PRC

RDP has been installed at many Private Residence Clubs (PRC).  The system can handle various complex membership rules including allowing members to make reservations over the Internet based on your priority allocation system.  For example, one customer uses RDP's Internet Reservation Module IRM.Net to allow members of "Type A" to book first each year, then "Type B", etc.  The priority rotates every season so that if type "A" picked first in the first season, then they pick last the next season.  RDP's concierge system is often used by PRCs to provide additional services for their members either via the internet or while onsite.  Our Member Survey System can be used to create and track member surveys and comment.

Our current customers include Fairmont Hotels, who have standardized on RDP for their PRC software.  See RDP Customer List to view all of our customers.


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