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Timeshare Management Software

Timeshare Software for Fractional & Private Residence Clubs

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New - RCI Interface to Load Exchange Reservations

Resort Data Processing (RDP) develops timeshare software for fractional properties, private residence clubs (PRC), and destination clubs. Guests and owners can reserve via the internet, and owner internet access includes the owner calendar and ability to view bills paid by the management company. Work orders and housekeeping history can also be accessed online. With a strong customer base and 25 years of experience in the complex area of owner managed timeshare software, the RDP system modules that are timeshare-specific are fully integrated with RDP's core property management system.

RDP systems manage variations of fractional ownership like weekly, quarter share, membership and "point-based" resorts.


12/12/2012 - New - RCI Interface to Load Reservations Automatically


Mobile Device Modules including Reservations optimized for a SmartPhone or Tablet

RDP is pleased to announce our Mobile Devices capability, designed to improve communication with guests and employees via a wide variety of handheld devices, including mobile phones, smart phones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, etc.) and tablets (iPad, HP Slate, etc). 


For more information on see "Mobile Device Overview" and "Reservations using SmartPhone or Tablet with Mobile IRM"

House status


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Weeks Owners Other



Fixed/Floating/Quartershare Combinations

The system handles a wide variety of timeshare and/or interval ownership concepts including: contracts, point-based, fixed week, float week, quarter-share, eight-share, and a variety of other ownership situations.  RDPWin can handle annual, biennial, right-to-use, and split use weeks.  Combinations of these methods are possible, and it is possible to combine timeshare, whole ownership, and hotel rooms into one system.

For example:

Units Ownership Type
100-140 Fixed week timeshare, Friday to Friday
141-159 Fixed week timeshare, Saturday to Saturday
160-231 Floating week timeshare
232-291 Whole ownership
292-390 Hotel rooms
391-450 Quarter-share plus owner bonus time
451-600 Timeshare points
600-649 28 Days per year, based on seasonal restrictions

Call RDP Sales to discuss your unique combination and find out how RDPWin can help you!

Private Residence Clubs - PRC

RDP has been installed at many Private Residence Clubs (PRC).  The system can handle various complex membership rules including allowing members to make reservations over the Internet based on your priority allocation system.  For example, one customer uses RDP's Internet Reservation Module IRM.Net to allow members of "Type A" to book first each year, then "Type B", etc.  The priority rotates every season so that if type "A" picked first in the first season, then they pick last the next season.  RDP's concierge system is often used by PRCs to provide additional services for their members either via the internet or while onsite.  Our Member Survey System can be used to create and track member surveys and comment.

Our current customers include Fairmont Hotels, who have standardized on RDP for their PRC software.  See RDP Customer List to view all of our customers.

Timeshare Weeks Analysis Screens
Use the Timeshare Weeks Analysis screen to review all timeshare week entries.  The grid can be filtered by year and week number as well as by type of week.  Weeks can also be changed and deleted from this screen.

Filter the grid for a single year.  All years are displayed when no year is specified; however, the Week# filter is still considered.  For example, enter no year and set Week# to 8 to view all Week #8 entries for any year in the system.  Use the All Weeks radio button to display both rental weeks (owner weeks with the Rent box checked on the Week Maintenance screen) and owner weeks (owner weeks without the Rent box checked).  On the same note, use the Rental Weeks radio button or the Owner Weeks radio button to display only those week types in the grid.  The are many, many ways to manipulate this grid into displaying only the information desired using the advanced filtering available on this Analysis screen.
Configure Timeshare Weeks
When the Condominium Owner Account R3 and Timeshare & Interval Ownership R6 modules are installed, configuration for timeshare properties can be set to customize the process.
  • Owner Weeks can be set to rotate from year to year.

  • When a week is added, the system can automatically prompt to add a reservation for the week.

  • When changing weeks is allowed, enter a password to override the room type and room number requirements placed on the week.

  • Exchange reservations can be set to automatically reserve or not.

  • Restrictions for Exchange Week stay length can be set.

  • Banking weeks can be disallowed if desired.

  • When dates are required before owners can mark their week as rental, then the system assigns dates to a floating room, floating week contract so the dates can be maintained and revenue allocated appropriately for the contract/owner that originally booked the week and then marked his week for rental.

  • Owners can be given access to future years' weeks to use during the current system year.

Rotate Weeks from Year to Year

Weeks owned can be automatically rotated from year to year (yearly pattern required).  Rotating weeks can move ahead in the calendar some years and backwards in others. The rotation is moved between all owners in the timeshare.  Various systems are possible, such as:

Rotate Type Explanation
Odd/Even Year Own a week every odd year, or every even year.  For example, week #12 in 2008, 2010, 2012
Triennial Own a week every third year.  For example, Week 14 in 2008, 2011, 2014, etc.
Quartershare Rotating Quartershare have four owners and the weeks can rotate each year.  See example below:

Weeks in 2007   Weeks in 2008   Weeks in 2009   Weeks in 2010
1 2 3 4   2 3 4 1   3 4 1 2   4 1 2 3
5 6 7 8   6 7 8 5   7 8 5 6   8 5 6 7
9 10 11 12   10 11 12 9   11 12 9 10   12 9 10 11
13 14 15 16   14 15 16 13   15 16 13 14   16 13 14 15
17 18 19 20   18 19 20 17   19 20 17 18   20 17 18 19
21 22 23 24   22 23 24 21   23 24 21 22   24 21 22 23
25 26 27 28   26 27 28 25   27 28 25 26   28 25 26 27
29 30 31 32   30 31 32 29   31 32 29 30   32 29 30 31
33 34 35 36   34 35 36 33   35 36 33 34   36 33 34 35
37 38 39 40   38 39 40 37   39 40 37 38   40 37 38 39
41 42 43 44   42 43 44 41   43 44 41 42   44 41 42 43
45 46 47 48   46 47 48 45   47 48 45 46   48 45 46 47
49 50 51 52   50 51 52 49   51 52 49 50   52 49 50 51
In this example, Week 53 is held for maintenance.  The system automatically rotates weeks and makes owner reservations!
Weeks to Sell

The system tracks available weeks left to sell and any weeks (or time periods) available for resale. Various reports are available showing week number, room number, room type, sale price, etc.

Use Contracts to Control Weeks
When the Condominium Owner Account R3 and Timeshare & Interval Ownership R6 modules are installed, configuration for timeshare properties can be set to use contracts to control the ownership.
  • When most contracts are split-use, set up the system to default to split use when creating contracts.

  • Customize the system to update weeks, reservations, and the cross-reference file based on a certain number of years

  • Weeks are created based on contracts and can be created from a particular start date.

  • Weeks can be marked as available or rental when creating weeks from contracts.

Owner Access Over the Internet

The goal of RDP’s owner Internet access is to identify all requests from owners that generate calls to management and move these functions to the Internet. Owner Internet access capabilities include:

  • Secure, commission-free owner Internet access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, direct to your database.
  • Owners can pay their annual dues using a credit card on the Internet.
  • Owner and guest of owner Internet reservations.
  • Owner calendars can be reviewed, changed, and printed up to four years into the future.
  • View or print all past owner statements on Internet in Adobe PDF format.
  • Owners can enter or review work orders for their units in complete detail.  See Work Order Overview.
  • Owners can request housekeeping and specify requests using the Internet. See Housekeeping Overview.
  • Send owner mass e-mails and newsletters. See E-mail Marketing Overview
  • Review complete property descriptions with pictures.
  • Make commission-free Internet reservations for paying guests, groups, travel agents. See Internet Reservation Module
  • Sell additional guest services (packages, golf, gift items, etc.).  See Guest Itinerary and Concierge.
  • Additional reservation charges are allowed such as booking fees, cleaning fees, etc.
  • All owner Internet access flows automatically to the Trust Accounting System. 

Reservation Priority for Online Booking

Reservation Priority provides the ability to assign each owner a priority or order for booking reservations using the Internet Reservations Module (IRM). Each owner can be assigned a different priority, and each priority can be assigned a time period for which reservations can be booked. Owners can make their float week reservations directly online, eliminating the need to contact the property to make the reservation. This feature works well with Residence Clubs, Fractional Ownership or Float Week properties.

Invoice Owners for Dues and Other Charges

The system is designed to handle all the functions related to billing owners for their dues and other charges, including:

  • Automatically post dues to owners very quickly.
  • A different due (fee) amount can be charged to each owner if needed.
  • Statements can be printed for window envelopes or on "mailers" with return payment envelopes.
  • Owners can be automatically notified of annual due amount via e-mail. The system can send over 10,000 e-mails per hour.  See RDP E-mail Features.
  • Apply payments to owners with payments received today report.
  • An Integrated General Ledger shows all owner charges and payments.
  • Owners can check balances using the Internet.
Auto-load Owner Reservations with the Tape Chart

The system automatically loads reservations for fixed-week owners up to four years in advance based on the published interval ownership calendar. Auto-loading reservations saves time and eliminates keyboard errors. After reservations are loaded, owners can occupy their week, exchange it with one of the exchange programs, or put all or part of the time up for rental.

For fixed week/fixed unit owners, the system assigns the owner's dates and room number. On the other hand, if the owner is fixed week/floating unit, the system assigns the room type only.  The screen below shows the reservation tape chart.

Sample Reservation Tape Chart
Rent Owner Time/Weeks and Pay Owners

The system includes the ability for management to rent all or part of the owner's time regardless of whether or not the owner is fixed week, float week, or any other ownership type. An owner statement is generated to pay the owner their portion of rental income. If a reservation spans two or more owners, the system automatically pays the correct share of the reservation to each owner using only one reservation.

The owner statement includes rental payments to the owner; less management fees, owner dues, and any direct owner charges. Overdue amounts from previous statements can be deducted from current rental revenue. Travel agent commissions are automatically deducted, and a check can be automatically printed.

Each day of the year can be owned by a different owner!

The screen below shows the ownership of Unit 101. This allows the system to pay more than one owner for a given reservation.  In the example below, Owner 101A owns Unit 101 for 03/05/1998 and Owner 101B owns it for 03/06/1998.

Bonus Time Reservations

Some properties allow owners to make reservations beyond their ownership (often referred to as "bonus time").  Owners can take advantage of discounted rates on a nightly basis which does not affect the ownership week/period.  Rules and restrictions generally apply (i.e., limited time-periods when reservations can be requested/booked, availability, minimum stays, etc.).  Some resorts even have a wait list for bonus time reservation requests.

Bonus timeshare can be a valuable asset to owners because using it has no effect on the owner's deeded or right-to-use week. With bonus time, owners have the ability to rent time on a daily basis at their home resort at an extremely low rate. These discounted rates usually end up being about 50% cheaper than what the general public pays for the same resort and unit. Resorts are able to offer discounted bonus time because it allows them to fill otherwise vacant units with revenue that will go to the Home Owners Association. The additional revenue created by owners’ utilization of bonus timeshare time helps to defray operating costs, resulting in lower maintenance fees for the owners.

For example, one RDP customer allows fixed-week owners to book additional days at $35/day during their slow season and $95/day in high season, provided the owner's dues are paid, and the reservation is made within 30 days of arrival.

A wide variety of bonus programs can be configured with automatic rate calculation by season. The system provides various reports to track owner usage by regular time, bonus time, exchange time, and/or rental time.

Owner Dues and Receivables
Each owner can have a different amount for annual or monthly dues. Dues can be posted annually, quarterly, or at various other frequencies.  The system can post 3600 owner dues in less than one hour.  The ability to globally post amounts to owners at any time is also available.

In the sample screen below, you can see how easy posting membership dues can be.  You can select one owner, a group of owners, or all owners.  You can post to owners based on the period of when they purchased, their membership level, their ownership type (annual, biennial, etc.), their ownership type (fixed, float, etc.), and their room type (ocean view, 1 bedroom, etc.).

Click the Review button or simply click the Review tab to see the transaction details that will process.
Once dues are processed, the Transaction tab on the owner should resemble the example below.  Receivables are aged at current and over 30, 60, 90, and 120 days. 
 Late fees and interest can be posted and overdue letters printed. All owner correspondence is designed to fit in window envelopes.
Fully Integrated with Front Desk and Audit Procedures

RDP's timeshare and interval ownership is fully integrated with all other RDP modules including reservations, front desk, night audit, groups, all interfaces, and more. Use the links below to learn more about other RDP modules. See Front Desk & Night Audit Overview.

Membership and Point-based Systems

The RDP system handles various membership and points-based ownership designs.  For example, one of our customers has done the following:

  1. Purchased five different small resorts around the United States and formed a "rental club". 
  2. The members purchase points which are renewed each year when their annual dues are paid. 
  3. The RDP system tracks how many points were purchased by each owner and generates the annual invoices for dues.
  4. Members can pay yearly dues by credit card over the Internet using the RDP Internet Reservation Module (IRM).
  5. Points can be used for reservations at any of the five resorts.  Members can make reservation over the Internet using the RDP Internet Reservation Module (IRM).
  6. The number of points used for a given reservation depends on the resort, room type, number of people, and dates.  The RDP system calculates the "point cost" and tracks all points used.
  7. Non-members can also make cash reservations when availability exists.  The RDP system tracks these cash reservations which can be made by calling any of the five properties or using  the RDP Internet Reservation Module (IRM).
High Capacity with Excellent Performance and Unlimited History

The RDP system combined with Windows 2012 server offer high data capacity and excellent performance.  The system can handle up to 100,000 owners in one database with up to 200 workstations simultaneously accessing the data.  

Owner reservation and financial history are available forever; limited only by available disk space, which has become very inexpensive.  There are many advantages to holding all data in history, including:

  • Owner statements can be reprinted for any past month.
  • Owner charge and payment history can be researched online very quickly.
  • All general ledger transactions from past days, months, and years are available.
  • Past reservations can be viewed.
  • Run reports of bad guests who did not pay.
RCI Exchange ModuleExchange Reservations & RCI Exchange Interface

The system is designed for exchange time reservations. The online tape chart differentiates owner, exchange, rental, developer, and owner bonus time usage. All exchange guests can be listed on various reports and folios can be printed. Complete history is maintained for exchange reservations and is limited only by available disk space. Additionally, RDP has partnered with RCI to develop the RCI Exchange Interface Module. This module is designed to eliminate the manual process required to confirm ownerships of exchange reservations. It also retrieves inbound reservations, automatically entering these reservations into RDP.  Any property that is familiar with the RCI exchange program knows there are many manual, time-consuming steps involved in confirming ownership or entering inbounded exchange reservations.  This module simplifies and/or eliminates many of these processes.  

RCI is the global leader in vacation exchange, facilitating exchanges among timeshare owners in its global community of 3.7 million owners worldwide. RCI exchanges quality vacation experiences at more than 4,000 resorts in 100 countries through week-for-week and points-based timeshare exchange networks.

Retrieve and Approve Deposits

The RCI Module allows properties to retrieve and approve deposits of exchange weeks made by their timeshare owners quickly and easily. RCI is able to confirm the validity of the ownership with the property, with much of it handled automatically with the RDP-RCI Module.

Automatically Retrieve Inbounds

Inbound exchange reservations are automatically retrieved and entered in RDP. When an owner makes the exchange reservation with RCI, the information is communicated to the property via the RCI interface. The reservation is automatically entered into RDP. Not only are new reservations entered, but the interface also handles changes to reservations as well as cancellations.

E-mail Fully Integrated with Front Desk and Audit Procedures

E-mail is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available and has been fully incorporated into the RDP system at no additional charge.  E-mail features included:

  • Guest confirmations automatically sent via RDPWin E-mail Monitor in Adobe and other formats.  See sample below.
  • Owner statements can be sent via e-mail.  Owners can also print statements directly from the Internet
  • E-mail marketing databases are created for guests, travel agents, groups, wholesalers, and condo/timeshare owners.
  • Mass e-mails can be sent directly from the RDP System - no third-party software required.
  • Reservationists can e-mail guests with just one click, complete with pictures of the property, directions, maps, and other attachments.
  • RDP abides by all current regulations for anti-SPAM by allowing guests to "opt out" of mass e-mails.
  • Crystal Reports can be created and distributed by e-mail.
  • Reservations made by the Internet Reservation Module (IRM) sends e-mail confirmations automatically.
  • Owner newsletters can be automatically sent via e-mail

See Overview of E-mail Marketing for additional information.  A sample of the "mass owner e-mail" screen is below.  The e-mail can be sent to all owners in a matter of minutes.  You can either type in the message or use an attachment, such as a word or Adobe document.

Sample Mass E-mail to Owners

RDPWin E-mail Monitor - Automatically Send E-mail Confirmations
from RDPWin, IRM, and DOS

Sample Guest Confirmation - (Word or Adobe Format with attachments for maps, policies, etc.)


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