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Updated 05/21/09

IRM Updated to Use .Net Technology

For the last 12 years, one of the most important products at RDP has been the Internet Reservation Module (IRM).  The IRM allows millions of potential guests, groups, travel agents, and wholesalers to check availability and make commission-free reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The IRM is designed to work in conjunction with your existing marketing website. Reservations are stored immediately in the same database as normal "phone-in" reservations, with one database for true "last room" availability. We are in the process of enhancing the IRM with a new version, called "IRM.Net".

Some of our customers have really outdone themselves with their marketing site in conjunction with IRM.Net.  To see some customer websites that really look great and to see what IRM.Net can do for your, see IRM.Net Customer List.

See "IRM.Net Upgrades for Current RDP Customers". 

IRM.Net Demonstrations Other IRM.Net Information

Features include:

  • RDP will continue to support legacy IRM for many years
  • All new enhancements to be in IRM.Net will only be added to
  • IRM.Net software is provided to all customers with IRM at no extra charge
  • There is a fee to configure the, please Contact Us for pricing
  • Streamlined ~ fewer screens ~ configurable look and feel
  • Faster for guests to make reservations
  • IRM.Net can be "embedded" in your marketing website
  • Standard picture sizes with thumbnails and full pictures
  • Many additional capabilities for Owners
  • Links to Master Guest Relationship database (CRM Module) (future release)
  • Virtual Store on IRM available (future release)
  • Now calculates Additional Charges
  • High Speed Credit Card Deposits
  • uses same rates as RDPWin and RDP-DOS

IRM.Net is available for RDP customers that required:

  1. Owner Enhancements
  2. Paying Guest - Inventory Reservations (Hotels and Resorts)
  3. Paying Guest - Pre-assign rooms (Vacation Rentals and Condo Hotels)

Phase I: Owner Enhancements Currently Available

The first phase of IRM.Net is a completely new owner section for the Vacation Rental, Condo-Hotel, and Timeshare customers.

Personal Login Screens

View All Reservations
  (Owners, Guests, Paying Guests, & Maintenance)

Change Owner & Guest of Owner Reservations

Take Owner Payments

Add Work Orders in Owner's Room

View Work Orders in Owner's Room

View Owner Details

View Owner Bills

View the Owner Calendar

View Past and Present Newsletters

View Owner Confirmations Immediately

View the Owner Calendar
The more powerful owner calendar offers a colorful display that makes it simple to distinguish availability and reservation type.  Vacant room nights are white, occupied (paying guest) nights are red, owner nights are lavender, owner guest reservations are bright blue, and maintenance reservations are gold.  These colors are configurable by property.  Click any date to view the reservation detail under the calendar (sample shown below).
View Owner Detail
When the owner is logged in, click the Owner Detail tab to view contact, balance, and contract date information, as well as any recurring charge information stored on the owner master (in RDPWin).
Change Owner & Guest of Owner Reservations
Click on the Reservations tab and select View Owner (Guest of Owner Reservation) to view the appropriate list. 
Enter the Reservation# to be changed and click the Change Reservation button.
Make changes to the Arrival Date, Departure Date, Nights, or # of People fields.
Click Check Availability to confirm the changes can be accepted.
Click Continue when the information is final, then click the Save Changes button.
View Different Res Types in the Owner's Rooms
Click on the Reservations tab and select View Guest of Owner Reservations to view a list of guest reservations.
Select View Owner Reservations to view a list reservations made for the owner.
Personal Login Screens
Create a personal login screen for each owner with unique messages for each owner.
Add Work Orders on the Owner's Room
View Work Orders on the Owner's Room
View Owner Bills
Owners can display all previous bills paid for them (requires RDPWin's Work Order Module).
Make Payments Online
Owners can make credit card payments online.
View Current and Past Newsletters Online
Create an index to view multiple newsletters

 or select one from the drop-down for easy viewing.  Both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format can be offered.
View Owner Confirmations Instantly
Confirmations sent for Owner and Guest of Owner reservations use Crystal Reports.
Other Phase I Enhancements
Incorporate the owner screens as part of your marketing website in an HTML iFrame.  Samples.

Phase II: Enhancements for Paying Guest Reservations
Currently Available

The second phase of IRM.Net is for paying guest reservations by individuals, groups and travel agents.  These features are currently available:

Phase III: Additional Owner Enhancements 

The features in the first and second phase of IRM.Net are available today. 
The following features are coming soon:

  • Enter an owner referral reservation that calculates rates and can charge a different management fee, including the optional ability to enter credit card information for payment.
  • Cancel owner referral reservations using IRM.Net
  • Allow yield management cut-offs on owner reservations
  • View housekeeping history

Internet Reservation Module Overview and Links

RDP's Internet Reservation Module (IRM) can be integrated into your current marketing website.  Key features include:

  • IRM reservations are commission-free.
  • IRM reservations are stored immediately into the RDP database.
  • True "last-room" availability.
  • The average RDP customer with the IRM generates over $200,000/year in additional revenue than those without.
  • Guests, owners, owner's guests, groups and travel agents and owner guests can all make IRM reservations.

IRM.Net Demonstrations Other IRM.Net Information

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